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Kombadi Vade  

Established on 30th July, 2008 Kokan Swad serves you Authentic Malvani Food. Working on take away system, it provides you with a wide variety available in Malvani Cuisine. Right from very sweet modak, puranpoli  to hot & spicy mlavani chicken sagoti, kombadi-vade, it offers you a mouthwatering variety of meals. From simple “Dal-Khichadi” and veg.thali to non-veg. thali and solkadi, we have it all.

And all this comes to your doorstep. As Kokan Swad works on Take Away System all these delicious items reach to you in just 45 minutes.

So no matter you are student, employee or bachelor Kokan Swad suits you all. Prepared in very hygienic conditions, the food is healthy and tastes absolutely homemade. So with no extra charges for delivery get ready to enjoy a complete, tasty malvani food.

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